Friday, 19 December 2014


". . . and they call it Puppy Love, well I guess they'll never know how the young heart really feels. . ."
I've fallen in Love.  And he's small and cute and bouncy and perfect.  He is 'Blu', or 'Flomiss Summer Snowfall' to give him his Kennel Club Registered Name.  He's a beast.  He is GORGEOUS.  He isn't my dog.  He belongs to my friend Brian.  But I love him.
'Puppy Love' is also known as a 'simple infatuation' or a 'crush'. This therefore is an informal term for a type of love.  A powerful type of love, nonetheless.  A type of affection.  A type of adoration.  A type of worship.  It is often used to describe 'young love'; 'teenage love'; 'adolescent love; the type of devotion that is demonstrated by a puppy.
Paul ANKA released the song 'Puppy Love' in the 1960s; it was re-released by Donny OSMOND in 1972.
Sigmund FREUD understood the power of early love.  In the Urban Dictionary 'Puppy Love' is sadly described as a love that will never last, due to the relationship being a love between a young couple - a 'blind affection' immature, young love, not real romantic love.
The Urban Dictionary in describing 'Puppy Love' as between a young couple, goes on to state that 'Puppy Love' "typically occurs before one person becomes a bitch."   Well Really!
For me 'Puppy Love' is 'Blu'.  'Blu' is Brian's puppy, and he is now six months old.  We collected him when he was twelve weeks old, and WOW how that time has flown, and what adventures we have had including two Leicester Animal Aid (LAA) shows and places in the 'Cutest Puppy' classes, which won him medals.  Trips to the Park to chase squirrels, and trips to 'Pebble Beach'.   Initially Blu was reluctant to even paddle at Pebble Beach, but now he is much braver and very much enjoys splashing about and getting wet through.
The unconditional love of a puppy largely, it has to be admitted, is associated with a love of Dog Biscuits and of Dog Treats.  That his 'unconditional love' is perhaps 'cupboard love'.  But he is also rather partial to an ear rub and a tummy tickle.  He rather enjoys digging; and he likes his dog toys - including his 'honking' Duck.  Just the thing for a Golden Retriever.
Blu has had a huge impact upon Brian's life, being his reason to get up every morning, and his reason to get out and go for a walk and be social and talk to the other dog owners and dog walkers.  It is hugely social, and gives them both plenty of exercise.  Blu is Brian's constant companion.  All sorts of adventures.  They are currently in training for 'Best Sausage Catcher' at next year's LAA Show's.  Brian admits that Blu is the centre of his world, and he'd be lost without him.  And, looking at Blu, I think the feeling is mutual. It is true that for Brian Blu is an important part of his life; but for Blu Brian is his whole life.
And I admit, Blu has also had a huge impact upon my life, he is always pleased to see me, wags his tail, and gives me a reason to get up and get out and join Brian for a walk.

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