Friday, 14 March 2014


One good thing about being 'disabled' (yes, focus on the positives... 'cos it is really quite shite actually) is that because I qualify for 'DLA' (Disability Living Allowance) I qualify for a 'CEA' (Cinema Exhibitors' Association) Card. So, this means that every day is like 'Orange Wednesday' for me, that is to say, I can get two for one (241); Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) on all of my cinema ticket purchases.  If I buy a cinema ticket for myself and show my CEA Card, then I can take a career in with me for free.  They in return have to help me to get to my seat.  Details are available on the CEA website of how to download an application and apply ( ).
It is official.  I am a cheap date.

So recently Robin, (aka May's Husband.  Anna's Dad.  Freya's Grandda.  Mr. PHILLIPS) took me to the Cinema.  Robin commented that this was the first time in c. 40 years that he'd been to the cinema with a woman that wasn't May, his wife!  Robin and I went to see 'The Railway Man'.
Staring Colin FIRTH.  I'm not sure it was quite what I expected, I'm not sure what I expected - it was perhaps more thought provoking than I had expected in that it made me think about what and how Erik LOMAX (played by Colin FIRTH) had seen and experienced what he had (captured by the Japanese, sent to a PoW Camp, forced to work on the Thai-Burma Railway, and tortured) but then he had to carry that, the psychological trauma, with him for the rest of his life.  Those experiences that he lived through as a young man, were forever with him.  I think it was that fact that really hit home.  I think that was/is true of anybody who has experienced war, it isn't something you can share, you do not want to share those experiences, apart from perhaps with the people who live it with you, and even people with the most brilliant empathy can never realise what those people experienced, continue to experience.  I suppose the film deals with the issues of torture, reconciliation and forgiveness - which was all quite humbling.

Thank You Robin for taking me.  Thank You May for lending me you husband.

Then I went to see '12 Years a Slave' with Janet.  I admit the fact that Benedict CUMBERBATCH is in it was a major factor in initially drawing my attention to the film. 

The film is concerned with the issue of Slavery which is an interesting, although difficult topic from a Sociological and Political perspective (and having studied Sociology and Politics as an Undergraduate at Sunderland University I was rather interested).  It is a powerful film.  It is definitely tough viewing.  It is the incredible and true story (based on a true story) of Solomon NORTHUP who was kidnapped and sold into slavery, and his fight for survival and freedom.  It is not for the faint hearted.  It is difficult to believe that this was actually a shockingly common phenomenon, to strip someone of their identity and sell them into slavery.  Janet has difficulty hearing and wears a hearing aid, so we went to the subtitle showing so that Janet would also be able to enjoy the film too.  We did both enjoy the film.  If 'enjoy' is the correct term to use.

Then my dear School friend, Rich MALC, we've known each other since we were c.12 years old, also took me to see '12 Years a Slave' (our first cinema trip together), which led Rich and I to a discussion about how unbelievably cruel human nature can be.  Perhaps we'll go and see a comedy next time.
I then went with May (without Robin) to see 'August: Osange County' (yes Benedict CUMBERBATCH is in that too).  May and I agreed: Not a 'cheerful' film!  It made us appreciate that perhaps our families are not that strange after all.

I then went with Maud to see 'The Book Thief'.  It made us cry.  It made us question the futility of War.  The shortness of life.  It made us appreciate the importance of friendship and the need for kindness.

So, a bit of a public service broadcast, but...  If you want to come with me to the Cinema, as my Career, then I am available for dates and taking bookings; so do get in touch and let me know when you need me to be free.  There are quite a few good films coming out, so if you are interested, and fancy a trip to the cinema, and want me as a date... just let me know.


  1. You better be careful you might get some funny offers for a cheap date. Had a lovely time with you even through the tears. It showed in a very poignant way mans inhumanity to man through the eyes of a child. It surprisingly enough in a way has helped me to accept my sisters death last March. I hope when my time comes Death wiill speak to me in that calm tranquil voice and carry me away. (Sorry to sound so depressing)

    1. Open to all offers! Let's go an see a Rom-Com next time x