Tuesday, 6 October 2015

UHL-tr4: Ward24

I was transported to Ward16 via A&E and from Ward16 to Ward24.

I was immediately made to feel welcome.  It just immediately upon arrival, just all seemed re-assuring.  Upon arrival on Ward24 I was delighted to feel well enough to want to take a shower, a shower that was lovely and clean and I was confident that I would leave feeler cleaner than when I entered. And there were seats provided to use in the shower, and the water was warm and wet and I was given a clean towel. Simple pleasures are so reassuring.

I really cannot praise highly enough the care, commitment and compassion of the nursing staff (Nurses and Health Care Assistants – I use the terms wrongly and interchangeably) on Ward24 of the LRI. And I have to give Cynthia MHLANGA a special mention for being particularly SPLENDID.  But, in fact all of the Nurses and HCA really nailed all 6 of the 6 C’s of Nursing (Care, Compassion, Commitment, Communication, Competence and Courage).  I can add that they also added a healthy dose of Humour, which I suppose comes under Communication, but which  was both most welcome and appreciated. They wholly encapsulated the UHL-tr vision of ‘Caring at its best’.  Ward24 treated me with dignity and respect and have developed a positive and supportive culture of Care that recognises Cultural and Religious beliefs and differences, but everyone is afforded the same high level of care.

Jane CUMMINGS the Chief Nursing Officer for England (CNO) at the NHS Commissioning Board and Viv BENNETT, Director of Nursing at the Department of Health (DoH) delivered their ‘Vision for Nursing’ and the idea of ‘Compassion in Practice: Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff’ in 2012.  I believe that Ward24 meet these targets and ambitions and exceed them.  They took a holistic approach to my care. I felt that my health and general well-being and emotional well-being actually mattered to them. 

One of the patients on the Ward in the bed opposite to me had dementia and was confused. The Nurse/HCA responsible for her care, reassured the patient and took the time to quietly and calmly and repeatedly alleviate the patient’s worries and dispel their fears, even though their fears were unfounded.  The Nurse/HCA appreciated that to the patient their fears felt very real. The Nurse/HCA encouraged and supported, which are two of the nicest things that you can do for a person.  The way that the Nurses/HCA talked to the patients highlighted the importance of Communication; to engage and to listen as well as to talk.

The staff of Ward24 appreciated that to a greater or lesser extent we were all frightened.  We were in hospital, we were facing uncertainty and we were scared, we were frightened.  Providing reassurance at this time really is the greatest kindness.  The staff of Ward24 seemed to instinctively know what was needed or required, and didn’t mind taking the time to ensure that tasks were completed is a timely manner. Calmly and Professionally, with Kindness. Kindness is a quality that is so under-rated.  Kindness is a quality that was apparent in abundance on Ward24, and long may it continue.

Being on Ward 24 being a Neurological Ward I met with Neurologists; Dr. Mark LAWDEN was very calm and thoughtful and considered, and was accompanied by Dr. Faiqa FARAZ; Sharon FELTON a representative from the Occupational Therapy Team, and Cheryl from the Physiotherapy Team and Kerry SANDERSON the Speech a Language Team with essential Neurological Knowledge so I was able to be referred to the relevant person for an outpatient appointment.  Kerry, the speech and language therapist visited with Water and a Banana and a carton of Ambrosia Creamed Rice.  YUM!

Thank-You Ward24 you do a great job, but it isn’t a job, it is more than a job it is a vocation.  You do make a difference, the world of a difference.  More than you know. Tell Carol that I missed her; she was always good for an extra cup of tea. Tell Liz that I missed her too, but I am NOT planning on making a trip to the surgical ward just to see her.  All of the staff on Ward24 went above and beyond to ensure that my stay and I think everyone elses was absolutely as comfortable as possible.  Ward24 epitomizes all that is amazing and valued and celebrated about the NHS.  Ward24 is ‘Caring at its best’.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You to:  Holly, Debbie, Cynthia, Alex, Liz, Dawn, Nelson, Sophia, Sheeela, to Denise the clearer who keeps everything spick and span, and Clare the Ward Clerk who keeps everyone under control.  The kindness that I witnessed was humbling and it was very much appreciated.  Ward24 you have very much restored my faith in the LRI in the UHL-tr and in the NHS. You are indeed a credit to the UK Healthcare system.

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