Sunday, 8 March 2015


I hurt. I really hurt. I could cry. I really could cry. Just sit and sob. But, I choose NOT to cry. I choose to put on my big girl pants, my thickest tights and my biggest boots (also several jumpers and two coats) and go to the stables.
At the stables there is George, Benson, Jack and Robbie. And of course Max the resident Jack Russell and 'Ratter'. It is not clinically proven, but that doesn't make it any less true, that it really is the BEST Therapy a girl could hope for: Pony Pain Management (PPM).
The fact that Rose, Jules, Tina and Emma are there for tea and biscuits and chat too, is just an extra bonus.
So, now I am dirty and smelly and in pain. But, somehow it seems worth it. That I am dirty and smelly and in pain, but I have spent time with the ponies, and somehow I am happy.


  1. I would still give you a hug Hanya even if you are smelly and dirty. You are a star.